George Ranch Calendar

March 2010
When one thinks of the George Ranch, technology is not the first thought that crosses the mind. However, even the slopes of Sonoma Mountain have to enter the 21st century.

In an effort to create a lasting record of the events at the George Ranch, we are creating a “Digital File Cabinet.” Beginning with the Board of Directors' meeting of October, 2009 and going forward, we will archive all available events and transactions. We hope this will help future Boards when confronting issues facing the ranch. It will permit them to look back and see if there exists a precedent to situations they will encounter in the future and provide them with an option as to how to proceed, rather than reinventing the wheel each and every time.
Going back in time, we are also collecting what has been saved in electronic form and adding it to our store of information. If practicable, older documents will be scanned and added to the repository.

In order to find relevant information, we are using a search engine that is already available.

The Digital File Cabinet is, of course, an ongoing effort, since the archive will be added to as long as the George Ranch exists in its present form. If any of you have documents that you believe will help us in achieving our goal, please contact any member of the Board of Directors.



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